Wednesday 24 October 2012

Quiteness and stuff....

Its all been a bit quite of late.

Well, it has for me anyway, the boys have been training hard and getting to the crag when they can but for me its been, stag work. The training has been a bit haphazard and the visits to the crag no existent. Unfortunately its set to stay that way up to Christmas now with one weekend pencilled in for a trip to Scotland (please bless me with some good conditions) and bugger all else other than work and other commitments. Its a good job i'm one of those climbers that can enjoy and focus on training otherwise I would have gone mental by now.

Its all been happening over at White Goods of late. Mr Garry, Mr Frost and co have been putting up some new lines which I should probably get round to visiting sometime (though not by headtorch after work Mr Pritchard........silly boy) and equipping the place with in-situ draws. Bravo. They are also planning a DT gathering/weekender around the 24th/25th November I believe. Needless to say i'm busy that weekend. Gutted. Stay tuned to their blog for all the info soon no doubt.

After the success(?) of the article UKC posted about Masson Lees recently I thought it was about time I got an updated topo of the The Works cave out there for people to see. There is still tons of new route space to be going at in both the main cave and the lower cave but obviously this is going to remain a work in progress for the next few years and due to the upside down nature of the climbing is a tough job to complete.

The Works Main Cave.
Ian Parnell had an interesting article on the Climb Magazine website recently talking about all these new goings on in UK drytooling. Is it becoming mainstream?! Ha. But aside from all the politics he did create rather fine ticklist at the bottom of the article for all you DT wads out there. Get training and get 'em ticked.

Back to the wall tomorrow for more endless circuits on the tools followed by some strength work.

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