Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Yoof of Today...

A good trip upto The Works on Sunday saw yet more efforts on various projects from Andy, Matt and myself. Nothing special achieved but good progress by all.

What happens when a steinpull fails.

I think we were all a little tired to be honest for any success. Matt had been at Masson Lees the day before and myself & Andy were reliving our yoof(!) at the BMX centre in Manchester. Brilliant to get back on a BMX after so many years and hilarious & slightly scary when the coach says, "the big drop in ramp is for elite riders only and is the biggest in the UK. So we'll use the other ramp...which is the 2nd biggest in the UK!"

Turner lining up against Cainey. Riders ready!

Dropping in about to get beat by a 12 year old.

I've also been getting some pretty good training sessions in on the tools at the moment thanks to the guys at Rock Over Climbing. We stripped and set some new circuits last week, consisting of a tenuous circuit around one of the pillars, a loop around the 50deg wall (shown in video clip below) and a longer route coming out from the 50 wall. At the moment there are no plans for public drytooling sessions but if enough people show an interest than something can definitely be set up now that winter is getting closer.

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