Monday, 5 November 2012

Between Angels and Insects....

Strange blog title i'm sure you'll agree. Its in homage to Andy's latest creation at The Works, 'Guardian of the Underworld', as surely if your in the underworld your somewhere between the angels and the insects??? No? Just me then.

Anyways, i've had no time at all to get out recently and the guns are rapidly developing into water pistols. All i've been listening too is reports of projects being sent and new lines being bolted. Its no fun working too much.

Andy posted the original footage of a redpoint attempt on his blog the other day and i've gone and edited a little vid out of it. I'm still new too all this editing stuff so its a bit rough around the edges but then again it was filmed on an iPhone.


Guardian of The Underworld Redpoint Attempt from Tom B on Vimeo.

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