Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Beginning....

It seems like winter is on the way.....

The nights are drawing in, leaves falling from the trees and the rain is hammering down (like it has been all summer) add this to the fact that their was snow on the Ben a week or so ago and it seems people have turned their thoughts to ice and mixed climbing. So the axes have been brought out from under the bed (dont tell the missus I keep them there) and the training for what we hope to be a long and productive winter begins!

Myself, Andy Turner and Simon Chevis seem to have been getting out quite a bit of late and boys have slowly been getting the projects ticked at Masson Lees and The Works. Andy nailed a particularly hard project today at Masson, good work that man, you'll find all the info on his Blog.

We've put in a bit of work at these venues of late and need to say a massive thanks to the guys at Lyon Equipment for the donation of kit which we can leave in-situ. Taking the draws out on a huge horizontal roof is not a task you need at the end of a hard redpoint session!

Thanks Petzl!
And so now its back to the hard training sessions at Rock Over Climbing if i'm going to have any chance of getting some decent ticks this winter, i'll keep you updated with the progress!

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